Jan Bušta / Czech Republic 2022 / 77 min. / DCP
The horrifying and inexplicable mass suicide of more than 900 members of the Christian-communist cult Peoples Temple, which took place in Jonestown, South America, in November 1978, became the atypical basis for Jan Bušta’s atypical debut feature. However, this film is an experimental game rather than a movie in its proper sense. A game with artistic potential of an audiovisual work and limits of recreating unimaginable situations. A game with viewers’ expectation and tolerance. The completed phase of longitudinal filming from 2010–2020.


Monday 31.07.2023
17:00 - 19:02
Sports Hall
Director: Jan Bušta / Czech Republic 2022 / 77 + 45 min. / DCP / czech / english subtitles
Guest: Jan Bušta, Radim Procházka

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Directed by
Jan Bušta
Jan Bušta
Michal Černý
Jakub Kanhäuser (Jim Jones)