A New Shift

A New Shift

Jindřich Andrš / Czech Republic 2020 / 91 min. / HD file
Director Jindřich Andrš drew attention to himself a few years ago with the student film The Last Shift of Thomas Hisem (2017), in which he documented the atmosphere of the Paskov mine at the time of its closure. He continued to follow the protagonist. The feature film A New Shift is all about the fact that nothing is impossible.


Friday 06.08.2021
21:30 - 23:46
Reduta 1
Director: Jindřich Andrš / Czech Republic 2020 / 91 + 45 min. / HD file / czech / english subtitles
Guest: Jindřich Andrš, Augustina Micková, Jan Gogola ml.

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Directed by
Jindřich Andrš
Jindřich Andrš
Tomáš Frkal
Eliška Cílková
Tomáš Hisem a další