A Room with a View on the Sea

A Room with a View on the Sea

Janusz Zaorski / Poland 1977 / 88 min. / 35mm
A conflict between two psychiatrists occurs while saving the life of a young man who wants to commit suicide by jumping from a seaside high-rise. Each of them represents a contradictory attitude to interventions in human destiny and free decisions. This psychological drama is a typical example of films of moral anxiety.


Friday 06.08.2021
18:30 - 20:08
Mír Cinema
Director: Janusz Zaorski / Poland 1977 / 88 + 10 min. / 35mm / polish / electronic czech subtitles
Introduction: Maciej Gil

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Directed by
Janusz Zaorski
Janusz Zaorski, Maciej Karpiński
Edward Kłosiński
Adam Sławiński
Marek Bargiełowski (prokurátor Bielecki), Piotr Fronczewski (doktor Krzysztof Kucharski), Gustaw Holoubek (profesor Jan Leszczyński), Iwona Biernacká (nastávající Michała Jurkowského), Zbigniew Buczkowski (kaprál) ad.

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