Město, prostor, interakce vol. I

City, Space, Interaction vol. I

Město, prostor, interakce vol. I / 90 min.
This year, the discussion panel will again address the topic of the quality of public space, its creation, urban planning, small- and large-scale cultivation, and above all, the importance of cooperation between all involved parties – architects, state officers, local politicians, developers as well as you, the general public! Guests: Pavla Melková (MCA atelier), Marek Pokorný (PLATO Ostrava), Veronika Rút Fullerová (designer with a sense for urban cultivation), Anna Šlapetová (town architect of Dolní Břežany). Hosted by: Dan Merta (ARCHITECTURA), Richard Vodička (Pole designu).


Saturday 27.07.2024
20:00 - 21:30
SFS Tent
90 min. / czech
Guest: Marek Pokorný, Veronika Rút Fullerová, Anna Šlapetová