John Boorman / USA 1972 / 109 min. / 18 years / DCP
Four businessmen from Atlanta venture into the pristine wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains to canoe down a wild river that is to be flooded for a dam and disappear irrevocably. The leisurely weekend adventure gradually turns into a fierce fight for survival.


Tuesday 30.07.2024
19:30 - 21:34
Theatre of Moravian Slovakia
Director: John Boorman / USA 1972 / 109 + 15 min. / 18 years / DCP / english / electronic czech subtitles
Introduction: Michael Málek

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Directed by
John Boorman
James Dickey
Vilmos Zsigmond
skladba Duelling Banjos (aranžmá a provedení Eric Weissberg, Steve Mandel)
Jon Voight (Ed), Burt Reynolds (Lewis), Ned Beatty (Bobby), Ronny Cox (Drew), Bill McKinney (horal), Herbert „Cowboy“ Coward (bezzubý horal), Ed Ramey (stařík), Billy Redden (Lonnie), James Dickey (šerif)