Dog Flesh

Carne de perro / Fernando Guzzoni / Chile, France, Germany 2012 / 81 min. / 15 years / Blu-ray
The young Chilean filmmaker places his film in a contemporary setting. The main storyline revolves around a solitary, fragile, middle-aged man who is trying to break free from his dark past. However, from a more general perspective, it can be seen as an indictment of a traumatised post-totalitarian society.


Monday 31.07.2023
15:45 - 17:51
Mír Cinema
Director: Fernando Guzzoni / Chile, France, Germany 2012 / 81 + 45 min. / 15 years / Blu-ray / spanish / electronic czech subtitles
Guest: Fernando Guzzoni

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Directed by
Fernando Guzzoni
Fernando Guzzoni
Bárbara Álvarezová
Alejandro Goic (Alejandro), Amparo Nogueraová (Laura), Alfredo Castro (pastor), María Gracia Omegnaová (Gabriela), Sergio Hernández (Raúl), Cristián Carvajal (lékař)

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Guest: Fernando Guzzoni