Fantômas vs. Fantômas

Louis Feuillade / France 1914 / 61 min. / DCP
The fourth episode of Fantomas begins with a serious indictment of one of the heroes. If a criminal constantly escapes him, isn't he the criminal after all? The narrative comes with a number of impressive scenes, whether it is a bleeding wall… or an unexpected masquerade meeting of several men in a Fantomas costume, one of whom really does not hesitate to kill.


Tuesday 10.08.2021
11:00 - 12:11
Theatre of Moravian Slovakia
Director: Louis Feuillade / France 1914 / 61 + 10 min. / DCP / no dialogues / electronic czech subtitles, french intertitles
Introduction: Radomír D. Kokeš

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Directed by
Louis Feuillade
Louis Feuillade na námět románového cyklu Marcela Allaina a Pierra Souvestrea
Georges Guérin
René Navarre (Fantomas a jeho identity), Edmond Bréon (inspektor Juve), Georges Melchior (Jérôme Fandor), Renée Carlová (lady Belthamová), Yvette Andréyorová (Joséphine), Laurent Morléas (Paulet)