Father Vojtěch

Páter Vojtěch (Music: Vojtěch Adamčík) / Martin Frič / Czechoslovakia 1928 / 96 min. / HD file
Father Vojtěch represents the inaugural feature film by the esteemed Czech director Martin Frič. It is also the first of three extraordinary silent movies that he made in a mere two years. Frič conceived each of these as a kind of artistic experiment, incorporating some of the most influential international stylistic tendencies while remaining true to Czech poetics.


Sunday 28.07.2024
22:00 - 23:51
Reduta - Big Hall
Director: Martin Frič / Czechoslovakia 1928 / 96 + 15 min. / HD file / no dialogues / czech intertitles
Introduction: Radomír D. Kokeš

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Directed by
Martin Frič
Martin Frič (podle románu Jana Klecandy)
Otto Heller
Karel Lamač (Vojtěch Dvorecký), Suzanne Marwille (Frantina), Josef Rovenský (mlynář Dvorecký), L. H. Struna (Karel Dvorecký), Eman Fiala (Josífek)