Genus, Pan

Lahi, hayop / Lav Diaz / Philippines 2020 / 157 min. / HD file
Andres, Baldo and Paul are running away from gold mines and frightful “conveniences” of modern civilization. Yet, their new destination, a jungle island, is full of different types of pitfalls. “Are we able to tame our base instincts, or do we predominantly succumb to animal impulses?” asks Lav Diaz in one of his more approachable films.


Saturday 29.07.2023
18:45 - 22:07
Theatre of Moravian Slovakia
Director: Lav Diaz / Philippines 2020 / 157 + 45 min. / HD file / tagalog / electronic czech subtitles, english subtitles
Guest: Lav Diaz

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Directed by
Lav Diaz
Lav Diaz
Nanding Josef (Baldo), Bart Guingona (Paulo), Don Melvin Boongaling (Andres), Hazel Orenciová (Mariposa), Noel Sto. Domingo (seržant), Joel Saracho (Inggo), Lolita Carbonová (Aling Mamay), Popo Diaz (kapitán Teofilo)