Mosquitoes’ Tango

Tango s komármi / Miloslav Luther / Slovak Republic 2009 / 97 min. / 35mm
In Miloslav Luther’s tragicomedy, undisclosed secrets and awkward misunderstandings cause clashes between male and female characters and their ideas of a happy life. Luther’s film loosely intertwines several stories in a contemporary setting, but it is the past that prevents the characters from fulfilling their personal dreams and ambitions.


Tuesday 01.08.2023
13:30 - 15:52
Reduta - Big Hall
Director: Miloslav Luther / Slovak Republic 2009 / 97 + 45 min. / 35mm / english, serbian, slovak, spanish / slovak subtitles
Guest: Miloslav Luther

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Directed by
Miloslav Luther
Miloslav Luther
Igor Luther
Jozef Vlk
Ady Hajdu (Karol), Roman Luknár (Rudo), Tereza Nvotová (Tina), Tereza Brodská (Eva), Diana Mórová (Lucia), Zuzana Fialová (Hela)