No Home Movie

Chantal Akermanová / Belgium, France 2015 / 115 min. / DCP
The director’s swan song is a retrospect, a recapitulation, but also the pinnacle of her previous work. Otherwise implicitly present, in No Home Movie, the relationship between daughter and mother is manifested in all its kindness, everyday tragedy and overall uncontainability. Even in her most personal movie, the queen of autofiction films doesn’t forget to regard the ambivalence of any close relationship.


Monday 29.07.2024
11:30 - 13:40
Director: Chantal Akermanová / Belgium, France 2015 / 115 + 15 min. / DCP / french / electronic czech subtitles
Introduction: Ondřej Pavlík

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Directed by
Chantal Akermanová
Chantal Akermanová
Chantal Akermanová
Chantal Akermanová, Natalia Akermanová, Sylvaine Akermanová