On Body and Soul

Teströl és lélekröl / Ildikó Enyediová / Hungary 2017 / 116 min. / 18 years / DCP
On Body and Soul has earned the nickname “a slaughterhouse romance” among reviewers, and some viewers even left cinemas in disgust. But the explicit naturalism is still combined with the sensitivity of melodrama and dreaminess of magic realism, and is, in the first place, the story of two stray souls who find each other in a world full of violence. Could dreams be a better place for them to meet?


Sunday 28.07.2024
20:30 - 23:26
Sports Hall
Director: Ildikó Enyediová / Hungary 2017 / 116 + 60 min. / 18 years / DCP / hungarian / czech subtitles, english subtitles
Guest: Ildikó Enyediová

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Directed by
Ildikó Enyediová
Ildikó Enyediová
Máté Herbai
Ádám Balazs
Alexandra Borbélyová (Mária), Géza Morcsányi (Endre), Réka Tenkiová (Klára), Zoltán Schneider (Jenö), Ervin Nagy (Sanyi)