Provincial Actors

Agnieszka Hollandová / Poland 1978 / 104 min. / DCP
The monotonous life of the provincial theater ensemble will change with the arrival of a well-known director from Warsaw. But it quickly becomes clear that the young director has nothing to offer and is only interested in his career advancement. But one of the actors demurs at it. Agnieszka Holland's feature directorial debut is one of the key films of moral anxiety.


Sunday 08.08.2021
13:30 - 15:24
Sports Hall
Director: Agnieszka Hollandová / Poland 1978 / 104 + 10 min. / DCP / polish / electronic czech subtitles
Introduction: Dobrochna Dabertová

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Directed by
Agnieszka Hollandová
Agnieszka Hollandová, Witold Zatorski
Jacek Petrycki
Andrzej Zarycki
Tadeusz Huk (Krzysztof Malewski), Halina Łabonarská (Anka Malewská), Iwona Biernacká (asistentka Rysia), Ewa Dałkowská (Krystyna Gazdová), Sława Kwaśniewská (nápověda Malina) ad.