Sweet Dreams

Karel Reisz / USA 1985 / 115 min. / 35mm
Jessica Lange and Ed Harris shine in a biographical drama modeled on the tumultuous marriage of another 1960s country star, Patsy Cline, following the Oscar-winning film Coal Miner's Daughter (1980). Reisz's penultimate film also tells of foolish dreams and independent women.


Monday 09.08.2021
18:30 - 20:35
Mír Cinema
Director: Karel Reisz / USA 1985 / 115 + 10 min. / 35mm / english / czech subtitles
Introduction: Jan Jendřejek

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Directed by
Karel Reisz
Robert Getchell
Robbie Greenberg
Charles Gross
Jessica Langeová (Patsy Clineová), Ed Harris (Charlie Dick), Ann Wedgeworthová (Hilda Hensleyová), David Clennon (Randy Hughes), James Staley (Gerald Cline), Gary Basaraba (Woodhouse), John Goodman (Otis)