The Flight of the Phoenix

Robert Aldrich / USA 1965 / 147 min. / DCP
A plane with several men crashes somewhere in the Libyan desert, hundreds of kilometers from the nearest settlement. After the initial arguments, the survivors decide to build a new machine from the damaged wreck, which would transport them to civilization. Under the pressure of circumstances, the afflicting heat and dwindling supplies, everyone is fighting for their own truth.


Monday 09.08.2021
16:30 - 19:07
Theatre of Moravian Slovakia
Director: Robert Aldrich / USA 1965 / 147 + 10 min. / DCP / english / electronic czech subtitles
Introduction: Michael Málek

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Directed by
Robert Aldrich
Lukas Heller
Joseph Biroc
Frank De Vol
James Stewart (Frank Towns), Richard Attenborough (Lew Moran), Peter Finch (kapitán Harris), Hardy Kruger (Heinrich Dorfmann), Ernest Borgnine (Cobb), Ian Bannen (Crow), Ronald Fraser (seržant Watson), Christian Marquand (dr. Renaud), Dan Duryea (Standish), George Kennedy (Bellamy)