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The Lunar Night

The Lunar Night

Hynek Bočan / Czechoslovakia 1987 / 29 min.
" A detective writer Tom Clempner receives a package with a humanoid robot named Graumer. The sender claims they sent nothing, but eventually Graumer convinces Clempner to use the servant he got for free. Graumer becomes increasingly annoying in his efforts to serve the master, especially when it turns out he is obsessed with the idea to create a perfect man. Based on the eponymous story by Stanisław Lem. "


Friday 07.08.2020
17:00 - 17:29
Czech Television Tent
Director: Hynek Bočan / Czechoslovakia 1987 / 29 min. / czech

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Directed by
Hynek Bočan
Petr Kostka, Viktor Preiss