The Raiders of Atlantis

I predatori di Atlantide / Ruggero Deodato / Italy, Philippines 1983 / 92 min. / 15 years / Blu-ray
The notorious trash director Ruggero Deodato made an unalloyed, exotic and frightful action movie where everything is possible. The story of the awakening of ruthless Atlantean warriors does not make a lick of sense, but that’s probably why it remains so popular.


Sunday 30.07.2023
23:59 - 1:41
Sports Hall
Director: Ruggero Deodato / Italy, Philippines 1983 / 92 + 10 min. / 15 years / Blu-ray / english / electronic czech subtitles
Introduction: Jiří Flígl, Mojmír Sedláček

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Directed by
Ruggero Deodato
Vincenzo Mannino, Dardano Sacchetti
Roberto D'Ettorre Piazzoli
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Christopher Connelly (Mike Ross), Gioia Scolaová (Cathy Rolins), Tony King (Washington), Ivan Rassimov (Bill Cook), George Hilton (profesor Saunders)