Twin Peaks: Svět úžasný i prapodivný

Twin Peaks: A World Both Wonderful and Strange

Twin Peaks: Svět úžasný i prapodivný / 90 min.
Of all the stories in all the towns in all the world, one clearly has gripped David Lynch like a magnet. “I happen to be in love with the world of Twin Peaks and the characters that live there,” Lynch has said. From 1990 to 1991, he executive produced the ground-breaking ABC-TV series, in addition to directing episodes and conjuring up many of its most iconic images. Then, when ABC dropped the series, Lynch returned to TP with the 1992 film Fire Walk with Me, a deep, dark look at sexual abuse that inflamed critics —but today is considered a masterpiece. In 2014, Lynch strung together scenes cut from FWWM for the Blu-ray release of The Missing Pieces, and in 2017 he returned once again, for Showtime’s The Return, hailed as one of the greatest television series ever made. At this lecture, we will explore in detail the entire universe of Lynch’s Twin Peaks work.


Tuesday 30.07.2024
10:00 - 11:30
Culture Centre - Small Hall
90 min. / english / translation into czech
Guest: David Bushman