Filmová úroda žáků filmové tvorby na ZUŠ UH

UH Art School Student Films

Filmová úroda žáků filmové tvorby na ZUŠ UH / 90 min.
Students of Filmmaking Course at UH Art School made several film exercises where they captured the world from young artists’ perspective and dealt with the topics of bullying, mental health or happiness. At the beginning, they selected a theme and set up a film crew. The result was one or two films at the end of the school year. The first short film is about bullying of a Russian classmate, Blind Love is about the mental health of two people, and the third film explores how much happiness is among people. The last film also won a prize at the Europe 2050.


Wednesday 02.08.2023
16:00 - 17:30
Respekt Tent
90 min. / czech
Guest: Zuzana Dubová