Bitter Rice

Riso amaro / Giuseppe De Santis / Italy 1949 / 108 min. / Blu-ray
Two things set Bitter Rice apart from the rest of this year’s Film Textbook selection. It wasn’t directed by Rossellini or De Sica and it became a blockbuster not only in Italy, or other European countries, but mainly in the United States. Bitter Rice is sometimes considered to be the first introduction of Neorealism to American audiences.


Wednesday 02.08.2023
14:30 - 16:28
Reduta - Big Hall
Director: Giuseppe De Santis / Italy 1949 / 108 + 10 min. / Blu-ray / italian / electronic czech subtitles
Introduction: Radomír D. Kokeš

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Directed by
Giuseppe De Santis
Corrado Alvaro, Giuseppe De Santis, Carlo Lizzani, Carlo Musso, Ivo Perilli, Gianni Puccini
Otello Martelli
Goffredo Petrassi
Vittorio Gassman (Walter), Doris Dowlingová (Francesca), Silvana Manganová (Silvana), Raf Vallone (Marco), Checco Rissone (Aristide), Nico Pepe (Beppe), Adriana Sivieriová (Celeste)