Caligola / Tinto Brass / Italy, USA 1979 / 156 min. / 18 years / Blu-ray
“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” This Bible quote opens a highly stylized movie focusing on the reign of the Roman Emperor Caligula. Even the director’s disputes with the movie’s producer and scriptwriter could not detract from the astonishing performance by Malcolm McDowell in the title role.


Wednesday 02.08.2023
16:30 - 19:16
Theatre of Moravian Slovakia
Director: Tinto Brass / Italy, USA 1979 / 156 + 10 min. / 18 years / Blu-ray / english / electronic czech subtitles
Introduction: Jiří Flígl, Mojmír Sedláček

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Directed by
Tinto Brass
Gore Vidal
Silvano Ippoliti
Bruno Nicolai
Malcolm McDowell (Caligula), Helen Mirrenová (Caesonia), Peter O'Toole (Tiberius), Guido Mannari (Macro), John Steiner (Longinus), John Gielgud (Nerva), Teresa Ann Savoyová (Drusilla), Paolo Bonacelli (Chaerea)