Tomáš Hubáček / Czech Republic 2020 / 8 min. / HD file
Moravian Tuscany, a hilly landscape west of Kyjov, is becoming a surreal place in this environmental film. Contemplative dance meditation works with the human herd, which moves in unspoiled nature within systematic patterns. Thanks to the work with composition, choreography and warm light, Fibonacci looks like an alien world outside of time and space, even though it‘s linked with the unfortunate past of the landscape.


Saturday 07.08.2021
15:00 - 15:53
Reduta 1
Director: Tomáš Hubáček / Czech Republic 2020 / 8 + 45 min. / HD file / no dialogues
Guest: Tomáš Hubáček

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Directed by
Tomáš Hubáček