Foul Play

Marek Piwowski / Poland 1976 / 82 min. / DCP
The elusive gangster Belus wants to sift his henchmen before his next big job. He has to find out if they would squeal. But the police deploys an undercover agent into his gang. This crime comedy shows the genre diversity of films of moral anxiety, although it is more on the fringes of this artistic movement.


Saturday 07.08.2021
13:30 - 15:02
Sports Hall
Director: Marek Piwowski / Poland 1976 / 82 + 10 min. / DCP / polish / electronic czech subtitles
Introduction: Maciej Gil

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Directed by
Marek Piwowski
Witold Stok
Witold Stok
Piotr Figiel
Jerzy Kulej (inspektor Jerzy Milde), Jan Szczepański (inspektor Górny), Zdzisław Rychter (šéf bandy Belus), Ryszard Faron (student s falešnou maturitou), Alfred Freudenheim (plukovník Kubiak) ad.