Od traumatu k terapii

From Trauma To Therapy

Od traumatu k terapii / 210 min.
Trauma is an invisible power that co-forms our lives. It forms the way we live, love and perceive the world. Unhealed traumas lead to addictions, depressions or despair. An increasing number of addicted and depressed people indicates how shattered our society is. We will screen two films on this topic, The Wisdom of Trauma and Fantastic Therapy, and discuss some possible methods of treatment with Zdeněk Weber, Anna Rotreklová and Eva Césarová (www.evacesarova.cz).


Friday 28.07.2023
13:30 - 17:00
Literary/New Reality Tent
210 min. / czech
Guest: Zdeněk Weber, Anna Rotreklová, Eva Césarová