Ginger & Fred

Ginger e Fred / Federico Fellini / Italy, France, NSR 1985 / 125 min. / 15 years / DCP
Two elderly cabaret performers, once famous for their imitations of the American dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, reunite after thirty years in a trashy Christmas show. This satire from the television world marks the first joint appearance for Giulietta Masina and Marcello Mastroianni.


Tuesday 30.07.2024
21:30 - 23:50
Hvězda Cinema
Director: Federico Fellini / Italy, France, NSR 1985 / 125 + 15 min. / 15 years / DCP / english, french, italian / electronic czech subtitles, english subtitles
Introduction: Valerio Coladonato

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Directed by
Federico Fellini
Federico Fellini, Tonino Guerra, Tullio Pinelli
Ennio Guarnieri, Tonino Delli Colli
Nicola Piovani
Giulietta Masinová (Amelia/Ginger), Marcello Mastroianni (Pippo/Fred), Franco Fabrizi (konferenciér), Augusto Poderosi (transvestit), Martin Maria Blau (pomocný režisér), Totò Mignone (Totò), Friedrich von Ledebur (admirál Aulenti)