Hard To Die

Jim Wynorski / USA 1990 / 77 min. / 15 years / HD file
Trash master Jim Wynorski, in the production of pulp king Roger Corman, serves an exaggerated barren intersection of slasher films and Die Hard, where a group of scantily clad scream queens run through the high-rise instead of Willis. Simply the ideal material for live dubbing by Samantha Bifidus and Georgia Sharpie from the Festival of Callous Spectators.


Monday 09.08.2021
22:30 - 23:47
Hvězda Cinema
Director: Jim Wynorski / USA 1990 / 77 min. / 15 years / HD file / english / translation into czech
Guest: Samantha Bifidus, Jíra Fostrá

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Directed by
Jim Wynorski
Mark Thomas McGee, J.B. Rogers
Jurgen Baum
Chuck Cirino
Robyn Harrisová (Dawn), Lindsay Taylorová (Diana), Debra Dareová (Jackie), Melissa Mooreová (Tess), Bridget Carneyová (Shayne), Peter Spellos (Orville Ketchum), Jurgen Baum (poručík Block), Karen Choraková (seržant Shawleeová)

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