Lidskost až do smrti

Humane To the Grave

Lidskost až do smrti / 210 min.
Dying is part of living. When we grow old and move towards the end of our lives, we become equal and examine the quality of our relationships as well as the whole society. What are the possible types of treatment for those who are dying? What rights do we have and how can we prepare for death? Dying seems to be a big taboo, but it’s just as important as birth or life itself. All this will be discussed with our precious guests.


Sunday 30.07.2023
13:30 - 17:00
Literary/New Reality Tent
210 min. / czech
Guest: Mgr. Bc. Alexandra Čubová (charita Ostrava – hospicové služby, vedoucí hospicové poradny), Mgr. Helena Schwarczová (mob. hospic PAHOP UH), PhDr. Martin Loučka PhD. (ředitel Centra paliativní péče), MUDr. Jan Uhýrek (vedoucí lékař Paliativního týmu nemocnice Uherské Hradiště)