I, You, He, She

Je tu il elle / Chantal Akermanová / Belgium 1974 / 87 min. / DCP
This sensitive film, progressing from voluntary isolation to love fusion, is a classic work of lesbian cinema. It gives up on both identity and aesthetic purism, and gently layers the motives of authorship, performance and queer femininity over each other. Chantal Akerman seems to permeate every personal pronoun and every inch of her unclassifiable debut.


Sunday 28.07.2024
10:00 - 11:42
Director: Chantal Akermanová / Belgium 1974 / 87 + 15 min. / DCP / french / electronic czech subtitles, english subtitles
Introduction: Ondřej Pavlík

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Directed by
Chantal Akermanová
Chantal Akermanová
Bénédicte Delesalleová
Chantal Akermanová (Julie), Niels Arestrup (řidič kamionu), Claire Wauthionová (bývalá přítelkyně)