IRMF uvádí: Na cestě: Francie - Sahara - Kazachstán

IRMF Presents - On The Road: France - Sahara - Kazakhstan

IRMF uvádí: Na cestě: Francie - Sahara - Kazachstán / Kazakhstan, France / 60 min.
Two unusual travel adventures, differing in time and location, but linked by the desire to explore unknown worlds. A view of the Kazakh steppe and desert full of wild horses documenting a thousand-kilometre journey through this vast land of nomads. And then there is a film set in the hot sands of the African Sahara, in which, through the diary entries of a young French woman, we experience an adventurous journey of emancipation and self-discovery. Both films capture the magic and pitfalls of travelling to remote and exotic parts of the world – whether to explore the unknown or to find oneself.


Tuesday 30.07.2024
21:00 - 22:00
Respekt Tent
Kazakhstan, France / 60 min. / various