Jungle Assault

David A. Prior / USA 1989 / 85 min. / 15 years / HD file
The master of juvenile action David A. Prior and his friends go to the grove behind the house to film another of his boyish wet dreams of war and heroism. Armed with his intuitive direction, zero budget, and stilted conservative ideals, the self-taught director unintentionally composes an entertaining ode to Vietnam veterans.


Tuesday 10.08.2021
23:59 - 1:34
Sports Hall
Director: David A. Prior / USA 1989 / 85 + 10 min. / 15 years / HD file / english / czech subtitles
Introduction: Jiří Flígl

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Directed by
David A. Prior
David A. Prior
Stephen Ashley Blake
Brian Bennett
William Smith (generál Mitchell), William Zipp (Kelly), Ted Prior (Becker), Maria Rosadová (Rosa), David Marriott (McClusky), Darwyn Swalve (Crusher), Jeanie Mooreová (Elaine Mitchellová)

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