Live Flesh

Carne tremula / Pedro Almodóvar / Spain, France 1997 / 103 min. / 15 years / Blu-ray
Live Flesh is a mix of thriller, romance and drama with the characters confronting their past to find redemption in the present. Complex topics of physical handicaps, sexuality and power in relationships are viewed from the perspective of three protagonists whose paths cross unexpectedly and inescapably.


Monday 31.07.2023
17:15 - 19:08
Culture Centre - Big Hall
Director: Pedro Almodóvar / Spain, France 1997 / 103 + 10 min. / 15 years / Blu-ray / bulgarian, italian, spanish / electronic czech subtitles
Introduction: José Arroyo

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Directed by
Pedro Almodóvar
Pedro Almodóvar, Ray Loriga, Jorge Guerricaechevarría
Affonso Beato
Alberto Iglesias
Javier Bardem (David), Francesca Neriová (Elena), Liberto Rabal (Víctor), Ángela Molinaová (Clara), José Sancho (Sancho), Penélope Cruzová (Isabel)