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Masterclass with Vladimír Körner

Masterclass with Vladimír Körner

90 min.
Vladimír Körner is a novelist and screenwriter and one of the most significant figures of the Czechoslovak mid and late twentieth-century cinema. His texts are characteristically poetic; they have a clear dramatic composition and bold characters. They were created with the notion of a strong cinematic potential. Körner’s heroes are roaming through the history, trying to sustain its burden. They find themselves in the twilight of ages and have to face human dullness, barbarism or fanatic dogmatism. Their stories are set in the past, but they face the same existential issues as anyone else. Körner never wrote about the history, he always wrote about people.


Wednesday 12.08.2020
12:00 - 13:30
Respekt Tent
90 min. / czech
Guest: Vladimír Körner