Péče o duševní zdraví

Mental Health Care

Péče o duševní zdraví / 120 min.
Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions: How to manage stress? How to maintain mental health and well-being? Where is the line between mental health and illness? Why does a person get a mental illness? How to look after mental health? What should we do when anxiety, depression or psychosis appear? Where to find help? What to do if a loved one has a mental health problem? All of these questions will be addressed by Michal and Lucie Šalplachta from the Stress Management Clinic. You will also have the opportunity to try some stress-relieving methods. You are cordially invited.


Wednesday 31.07.2024
10:30 - 12:30
Literary/New Reality Tent
120 min. / czech
Guest: Michal Šalplachta, Lucie Šalplachtová