Mulholland Dr.

David Lynch / USA, France 2001 / 147 min. / 15 years / DCP
The line between dream and reality has never been thinner. Especially in Hollywood where identities merge and fade. A nameless woman who has lost her memory tries to find her identity in an environment full of absurd stories. David Lynch’s most acclaimed film about the city of dreams and nightmares.


Tuesday 30.07.2024
17:00 - 19:42
Culture Centre - Big Hall
Director: David Lynch / USA, France 2001 / 147 + 15 min. / 15 years / DCP / english / czech subtitles
Introduction: David Bushman

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Directed by
David Lynch
David Lynch
Peter Deming
Angelo Badalamenti
Justin Theroux (Adam Kesher), Naomi Wattsová (Betty Elmsová / Diane Selwynová), Laura Elena Harringová (Rita / Camilla Rhodesová), Ann Millerová (Coco Lenoixová), Robert Forster (detektiv McKnight), Dan Hedaya (Vincenzo Castigliane), Angelo Badalamenti (Luigi Castigliane)