Night Warning

William Asher / USA 1981 / 96 min. / 18 years / HD file
An original take on the slasher genre drew attention by belonging to the so-called video nasties. Unlike the shockingly trash competition, however, it offers great acting performances as well as a brilliantly disturbing script, which, in addition to psychopathologically fleshed out oedipal motifs, also surprises with progressive queer themes.


Wednesday 11.08.2021
23:59 - 1:45
Sports Hall
Director: William Asher / USA 1981 / 96 + 10 min. / 18 years / HD file / english / czech subtitles
Introduction: Jiří Flígl

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Directed by
William Asher
Alan Jay Glueckman, Boon Collins, Stephen Breimer
Robbie Greenberg
Bruce Langhorne
Jimmy McNichol (Billy Lynch), Susan Tyrrellová (Cheryl Robertsová), Bo Svenson (detektiv Joe Carlson), Marcia Lewisová (Margie), Julia Duffyová (Julie Lindenová), Britt Leach (seržant Cook), Steve Eastin (Tom Landers), Caskey Swaim (Phil Brody), William Paxton (Eddie)

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