Sedláci. Ze života „třídních nepřátel“ v čase kolektivizace

Peasants: The Life of “Class Enemies” During Collectivization

Sedláci. Ze života „třídních nepřátel“ v čase kolektivizace / 90 min.
Forced collectivization and the so-called dekulakization, or the elimination of peasantry, was one of the greatest crimes of the Czechoslovak communist system. It is estimated that during the forced resettlement, launched by the State Security in 1951, about three or four thousands families were displaced from their farms. The testimonies of the three “kulak children” were recorded within the project called Memory of the Nation and were later transformed into an impressive documentary about these hard times and the extraordinary strength of the people who were to be trampled into the ground for the sake of the red paradise. The film screening will be followed by the discussion with František Vrba.


Saturday 27.07.2024
12:00 - 13:30
SFS Tent
90 min. / czech
Guest: František Vrba