Renny Harlin / USA 1987 / 102 min. / 18 years / HD file
The reopening of an old prison awakens the spirit of a man burned in the electric chair who begins to get rid of convicts and prison guards. The typical demonstration of special effects from Empire Pictures fantasy dream factory is enhanced by precisely built tension and Viggo Mortensen in his first big role.


Tuesday 10.08.2021
20:00 - 21:52
Sports Hall
Director: Renny Harlin / USA 1987 / 102 + 10 min. / 18 years / HD file / english / czech subtitles
Introduction: Jiří Flígl

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Directed by
Renny Harlin
C. Courtney Joyner
Mac Ahlberg
Richard Band, Christopher L. Stone
Viggo Mortensen (Burke), Chelsea Fieldová (Katherine), Lane Smith (Sharpe), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Cresus), Tom Everett (Rabbitt), Ivan Kane (Lasagna), André De Shields (Sandor), Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr. (Tiny)

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