The Fever

A Febre / Maya Da-Rinová / Brazil 2019 / 98 min. / DCP
Justino has lived in the city for more than twenty years. He works as a security guard at the local port. His daughter is admitted to study medicine in the capital and will need to be moving soon. Yet, she is unsure about leaving her father alone because he suffers from a mysterious illness.


Sunday 30.07.2023
13:30 - 15:18
Sports Hall
Director: Maya Da-Rinová / Brazil 2019 / 98 + 10 min. / DCP / portuguese / electronic czech subtitles, english subtitles
Introduction: Jan Jílek

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Directed by
Maya Da-Rinová
Maya Da-Rinová, Pedro Cesarino, Miguel Seabra Lopes
Bárbara Alvarezová
Felippe Schultz Mussel, Breno Furtado, Romain Ozanne
Regis Myrupu (Justino), Rosa Peixotová (Vanessa), Johnatan Sodré (Everton), Edmildo Vaz Pimentel (André), Anunciata Teles Soaresová (Marta)