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The Seventh Continent

Michael Haneke / Rakousko 1989 / 111 min. / 18 years / DCP
A merciless study of family’s self-destruction and crisis in a romantic relationship. Georg and Anna were alienated from each other until their daughter Evi has started to pretend blindness to get their attention. Her action triggers the cascade of tragic events.


Wednesday 31.07.2019
14:30 - 16:31
Slovácké divadlo
Director: Michael Haneke / Rakousko 1989 / 111 + 10 min. / 18 years / DCP / german / electronic czech subtitles, english subtitles
Introduction: Alfred Jokesch

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Directed by
Michael Haneke
Michael Haneke
Anton Peschke
Alban Berg
Gina Rodriguezová (Jane), Andrea Navedová (Xiomara), Yael Grobglasová (Petra), Ivonne Collová (Alba), Justin Baldoni (Rafael), Jaime Camil (Rogelio), Brett Dier (Michael)