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The Snow Night

Milan Cieslar / Czech Republic 2009 / 92 min. / HD file
Out of the eight screenplays by Vladimír Körner that were realized after 1990, half was directed by Milan Cieslar. He mostly respected the diction of the original text, and in the case of The Snowy Night, he also had to take into account the parameters of television production. A film was created from which the text stands out through imagery and does not let the thoughtful viewer breathe. Because something ends. And what begins is not beautiful...


Wednesday 12.08.2020
20:00 - 22:17
Director: Milan Cieslar / Czech Republic 2009 / 92 + 45 min. / HD file / czech
Guest: Vladimír Körner

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Directed by
Milan Cieslar
Vladimír Körner
Marek Jícha
Jan Jirásek
Jitka Čvančarová (Karola), Jan Zadražil (Albert) Michal Dlouhý (Rast), Vladimír Dlouhý (Kocian), Petra Hřebíčková (Lena), Petr Varga (Jakub), Kryštof David (Davídek), Zdeněk David (varhaník)