The Way Home

Tomáš Vorel / Czech Republic 2021 / 95 min. / DCP
The final part of a loose trilogy about escaping the city and returning to nature. Old Papoš is running out of energy, but doesn't want to visit the doctor. Young Ludva refuses to take over the family farm and remains in a little hunting lodge with his wife Anyna and their little daughter. And Honza succumbs to alcoholism, while his wife earns a living from workaholics in Prague.


Tuesday 10.08.2021
21:30 - 23:05
Open-air Cinema Kolejní nádvoří
Director: Tomáš Vorel / Czech Republic 2021 / 95 min. / DCP / czech

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Directed by
Tomáš Vorel
Tomáš Vorel, Barbora Nimcová
Tomáš Vorel
Michal Vích
Tomáš Vorel, Jr. (Ludva), Lucie Šteflová (Anyna), Eva Holubová (Vlasta), Bolek Polívka (Papoš), Tomáš Hanák (Honza), Barbora Nimcová (Markéta), Milan Šteindler (předseda myslivců), Jan Slovák (inspektor) a další